About us


Sandra and Nils-Arne Holmudden, stand behind the name Royal Alpacas. We live in a beautiful situated farm, our meadows stretching is 2 km along the west coast sea bands, 6 km north of Falkenberg


Our farm is called Agerörs Gård. We run Bed & Breakfast www.agerorsgard.se  Here, we will hold courses on alpacas, their wool, and much much more.

We also have Sandra ArabianS, se our horses: www.sandraarabians.com

You can read more about the accommodation and our Arabian horses, on each website. For these pages should be about our beloved Alpacas. 

 The start

The first time we came in contact with Alpacas was in England 2003, where we visited a man named Nick Harrington-Smith, he had so many Alpacas. Nick was a really nice and sympathetic man, who really transmitted his love for these animals, and we also came to love this beautiful alpacas.


We were then just about to buy a new farm, so there were so many other things that came between us and the Alpacas in that time. It was not until early 2010 that we returned to our dream to have Alpacas.


Anastasia a light fawn and Madonna a medium fawn pregnant females, was our start for the careful breeding of these wonderful animals. Happiness was very big, when both got two beautiful females, one True black and one Medium brown. What a start!

We have again met with Nick Harrington-Smith, who now is one of the owner of "The Alpaca Stud" in UK. We bought several pregnant females from them, and now has a partnership, together, we own the black male, Alpaca Stud Astley. 


We have been in the United States, Australia and England, and visit new nice people, with great Alpacas. And found many new lovely friends. 


We all have a common love for these incredibly nice and beautiful Alpacas!